Sunday, December 7, 2014

About Blogging: Guest Blog Post by Venn

Hello World!
Why did you start blogging? – I get this question a lot. 

It’s a hobby, it’s a passion, and it’s a way of getting everything out of my system.

Actually, this is my second attempt of creating a blog. Three years ago, I started reading blogs and I was amazed by the amount of free products that bloggers get to review. At that time,  I was an university student, I had enough free time, I was ready to explore a new hobby; I loved getting free stuff, so I decided why not start a blog.

Soon enough, I got obsessed with my blog. I was not organized and I was wasting a lot of time researching strategies how to quickly grow my blog. I was focused on gaining followers, increasing page views, getting more products for reviews. I guess I just wanted to be successful and maybe make some money out of my blog. Then, I graduated and I found a full-time internship. As I started working, I found it more difficult to feel motivated to spend time working on my blog. I realized that I was bored and after struggling to write posts and keep up with the reviews I closed my blog and decided to delete it permanently. That was around two years ago…

I love sharing and the idea that somewhere in the wide world there are people interested in what I have to say and can relate to what I am experiencing makes me excited. So, the thought of being a writer and sharing my life never left me. However, I was afraid that if I start a new blog I will get bored again. So I just didn`t.

Then, a couple of months ago while I was sitting home alone, thinking about my life, my problems and my everyday struggles, I said to myself : “why not share, maybe this will help me, maybe I can benefit from sharing, maybe others will benefit from what I have to say.” At that time, I was unemployed, stuck at home alone, while my husband was off to work, living in a foreign country without my friends and without any social life. I just missed the interaction. So, I started my blog – What Comes Next? Unfortunately my situation has not changed a lot since then, but I have found that blogging relaxes me and takes my mind off my problems.

This time I’ve decided that I will do it for myself. I will take it slowly, still trying to reach as much people as possible, but writing because I want and not because I have to. Not putting pressure on myself to write as much blog post as possible, looking for key words and torturing myself with boring topics.  Blogging is a hobby and I am ready to share!

So just remember, do it because you feel passionate about it. Write because you really want to share! 

Share because you care!

Stop by my blog and see if you can find something that interests you!

Thank you for reading!