Wednesday, December 3, 2014

25 Days of BlogMas | Day 3

Hi guys!!

I woke up feeling a lot better today! I'm glad that I took that medicine last night because I'm pretty sure it was the reason why I could actually breathe this morning. 

For the past three days I've been waking up around 5 o'clock in the morning and not been able to go back to sleep. Ever since my 5-year high school reunion on Friday my schedule and sleep pattern have been totally messed up. Brendan seems to think it's because I'm overstressed and overwork. Which is true. I student teach every day, then I either go to class or to work depending on the day of the week, and then I come home and do nothing but homework until go to sleep. 

I'm hoping after today, I can finally get a night of real sleep. 

My day started out full of drama. I found out that my classroom teacher has no Munoz so she couldn't come in today. I was supposed to have my last observation by my professor so I got all nervous that my classroom teacher wouldn't be there. I thought I would have to reschedule. 

But, my professor is just as amazing as my classroom teacher and she came in and observe me and she's just going to come back next Wednesday for my classroom teacher is feeling better to go over the paperwork and sign all the forms. 

I'm was really proud of myself; I taught a self created lesson today and all the children really seem to enjoy themselves. And I was so impressed by their work.

The rest of the day went smoothly and I can officially say that day number three of my take over a week has come to an end.

Half way there!!

Once again, right after dismissal I headed home for about 20 minutes and then drove to class. Today, I had to present my parent workshop on social/emotional curriculum. Of course it took everyone at least a half hour to present, so we went way over the 2 hour class time. 

....of course, I got a ticket for an expired meter....

Nonetheless, I'm happy I got my last workshop out of the way. I'm also super pumped because today was my last Wednesday class!!! Woohoo!!! 

Almost there… Right? 

Once I got home I had dinner and I took a shower. It felt amazing putting my pjs on!

My boyfriend picked me up and we stopped by chipotle on the way to his place. 

Boy, did I miss him!
Brendan that is, not Chipotle...

Together we watched the newest American Horror Story.  I couldn't wait to hang out with my boyfriend. I haven't seen him in days!! 

Another great day to add to the book! 

Until next time,
Xoxo Ines