Thursday, December 25, 2014

25 Days of BlogMas | Day 21

Sunday: December 21, 2014

Hi there all!

I'm so dead!

Another day full of shopping!

Not only was I shopping for people on my list, I was also shopping for people on my mom and dad's lists too! 

I ended up dragging my but all over town hunting for things in everyone's lists. 

After spending the morning shopping for people by myself, I came home to eat with my family and then we all went to the mall. 

For Christmas my parents decided to buy me a macbook so we drove up to New Hampshire since they have no taxes and I got to pick out the one I wanted. 

We did a few other things and then headed home. 

I haven't had my own laptop for 5 years so I'm excited to finally get one. 

5 years you ask? Well I'm not the type to ever ask for things. Plus both my parents have laptops so I would just use theirs. It was never a problem. 

My personal goal is to try not to use it until Christmas Day. Honestly I think it'll be easy because I'm so use to not having a laptop. 

I finished the night by wrapping all of Brendan's Christmas gifts. 

There's a couple things I'm waiting on to come in the mail tomorrow, but other than that, I'm done with his gifts! I'm super excited to give them to him :-)

Well, hope you all had a great night! 

Until next time,