Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall 2014 Nail Color Trends | 5 Brands, 5 Colors, 1 Season

Happy Sunday Ladies and Gents!

Can you believe that's its already September 15th ?! 

I'm still in denial. 

With September comes first days of school, which means I've been super busy back in my classroom. It also means I've started my last undergraduate semester of classes. (YAY!) Not to mention now that summer had gone, beach days and BBQs are pretty much over. 

With Autumn just around the corner I figured I needed to stop being in denial and slowly transition into the season. 

Why not start by talking about nail color trends for this fall 2014.

here are the top 5 nail colors i'll be rocking all fall.

Usually, I wear pastels, brights and neons on my hands and feet.

For fall, I love wearing dark colors. 

Don't get me wrong, occasionally I'll throw in some brights and neons, but the change in season also brings on some change in the colors I typically wear. 


Crimson looks great on all nail types and lengths! It's also completely wearable with almost any fall clothing and accessories! I find myself wearing lots of grey, brown and evergreen tones in the autumn seasons so Crimson polish will never clash or look like a sight for sore eyes. 


Style Number: 179M
Color Name: Madame Tulip
Price: $15
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Whether it's a burn orange or a vibrant orange, something about the color screams fall. Maybe it's because it reminds me of pumpkins or possibly because I'll match the foliage on the trees, but whatever it may be, I gravitate towards the orange nail color. This is my chance to get away with a more neon looking orange, since every shade can be found around us during this time of year.


Brand: ESSIE
Color Name: Meet Me at Sunset
Price: $8.50
Click HERE to purchase!

Dark gray
You can't go wrong with this color. It can dress up or down your outfit, but it always looks classy. It reminds me or wrapping myself up in a soft and warm wool sweater on a crisp autumn afternoon. My favorite color just so happens to be from my favorite monthly subscription box. For $20 each month, you get 2-3 polishes and a full size product. You can also switch from any of the 5 style profiles each month depending on which products and colors you like best. Considering each polish is $14, this is a great deal!

Get your first month free by clicking on the link below!

Color Name: Mona
Price: $14
Sale: $11.50 as of 11/4/14

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Just because we transition into fall, and the color schemes becomes a little bit more dull and lackluster doesn't mean our polish choices have to do the same. I keep is exciting with a beautiful shade of metallic-y blue. The color really pops against the dark tones of clothes in a fall outfit and screams that I'm not afraid of a little color. 

Style Number: 105
Color Name: Midnight Blue
Price: $1.99
Click HERE to purchase!

Towards the end of autumn, I get in the mood for evergreen polish on my nails. Something about a jeweled tone emerald with a little bit of sparkle on my nails screams, bye bye fall, hello winter. With winter comes Christmas. It's the perfect transition color between seasons and even more appropriate to wear on the nails. I also love how this polish has glitter and sparkle! It makes for not only a great accent nail but also an all-nail color.

Brand: ZOYA
Style Number: ZP507
Color Name: Ivanka
Price: $9 
Click HERE to purchase!


The best part of this selection is not only the diverse spectrum of color but also the fact that all 5 colors are totally different brands. This gives you the opportunity to test and experiment with price, opacity, formula, finish and wear. 

It's polish perfection!

What will your favorite go-to polish color be this fall? 
Share it with me in the comments below!

Happy Autumn!

Until next time, 
Ines xoxo

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