Monday, September 8, 2014

Loreal true match review

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I've been using L'Oreal True Match (W6) for a little over a year now so I've really gotten the chance to test out this product.

I originally went for it because Nicole Guerriero raved about in on her youtube channel, along with some of my other favorites. 

Prior to purchasing this product I had used the Madeline mineralized loose powder foundation and repurchased several times.

But, I wanted to try a new brand and formula. So I went with this one.

Since the very first day it has not disappointed. 

It has the smoothest application whether you use a brush, beauty blender or your fingers.

Check out my video here
where I teach you how to apply this liquid foundation with a beauty blender. 

I notice that the foundation doe oxidize over the first hour. 
But, the oxidization works to my advantage as I feel like the pigments change to match my skin tone more consistently. 

Regardless if I put on a very thin layer, or build up the coverage with several layers, it's never caked on my face. 

I'm naturally oily in the T-zone so I have to set it with a setting spray. 

It doesn't rub off onto other peoples clothes, which is important to me because I always greet and say good bye to friends and family with a hug. 

The foundation is liquify, where is you apply a drop to the top of your hand, it will slide around, but this formula makes it so that you don't have to work it into the skin too fast. 

It does take a few minutes to dry, but once it dries, it's flawless. 

It does a great job on covering up my redness and veins, and even my acne scares and other imperfections. 

After doing a little research on the website, I've found out that there are 33 shade.

Color options run from extremely fair skinned all the way to the totally opposite end of the spectrum.

L'Oreal has made selecting your correct shade of foundation a little easier by offering 
the foundations in Cool, Neural and Warm Tones, too

Learn more about L'Oreal True Match here.

All in all, I love this foundation. 

Now, it's my holy grail product and I don't leave home without it!

It's everything you hope a foundation to be. 

I would 100% recommend this product to everyone.

It's a must have in any makeup-lover's collection


Until next time, 
xoxo Ines