Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year's Eve | OOTN

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful transition into 2015 :-)
Let's get right into my New Year's Eve OOTN

The whole month of December I browsed numerous websites for the perfect New Year's Eve dress! I found many that I loved, but most were totally out of my price range. I wanted something full of sparkle, but not tacky.

I already own so many sparkly dresses, tops and bottoms that I think subconsciously I wasn't letting myself buy anything because I already owned so much. I couldn't justify the purchase.

After Christmas, I meant to go to the mall to see what they had but I just kept putting it off... until Dec 31st rolled around.


Around 2pm on New Year's Eve, I finally went downtown to the local Marshall's... just to see if they had anything at all. By this point, I was just going to wear something I already owned.

I was leaving the store, empty handed, when I decided to brows through one last clothing rack. I found 4 dresses and quickly went to try them on in the changing room, something I never do! 

Well they were all hides except for one dress. It was perfect.

Want to know why it was perfect? 
It was classy, it fit me so well, it was cute, comfortable and ONLY $10!

I styled it with gold heart stud earrings from Forever 21, a chunky gold chain necklace 
from Princess P Jewelry and my diamond gold bracelet (that was given to 
me as a gift from my father).

I also paired it with my black leather jacket, black quilt stitched cross-body bag, 
and my black leather 160mm Daffodil Louboutines.

Then, off Brendan and I went to celebrate New Year's Eve together in Boston at Abby Lane.

My night was absolutely perfect, too!

I even got to kiss the love of my life at midnight in my favorite city!

Until next time,

CHEERS to 2015!