Thursday, September 4, 2014

What to pack for a caribbean cruise:

Last May 2013, I had the pleasure of going on my first cruise. 
We went to the Caribbean and it was amazing. 

I ended up over packing, but I'd rather be safe than sorry!

My advice however, is pack what you can in a carry on, like shoes and bulky/heavy items and then pack the toiletries and remaining clothes in your checked luggage. This allows you to avoid the 50 lb mark on the way there if you take a plane, and it also allows you more space/weight for souvenirs when you return home. 

I ended up packing more things to put over my bikini than I needed. Really all you need is either one pair of shorts and tank top/cover up just for the pool, and one for when you go to the beaches while docked in the port-of-calls. 
Because I was on a huge ship, and because we would go to the beach early and come back in the afternoon, I had a lot of time to explore the boat. this is when I would wear a cuter outfit. I didn't always want to be in a wet bathing suit and you don't want to spend time in your small state room. I brought interchangeable pieces that I would walk around deck with. 

I ended up bringing two sweaters and a wind breaker. I could have done without the sweaters. Even the one day it rained at sea, it was SO HOT!

So here's a rough list of what I would pack for my next Caribbean Cruise:

3 bikinis
1 Cover Up
3 Jean Shorts
1 Yoga Shorts
1 Yoga Pants
1 Windbreaker
2 Crop Tops
3 Knit Tank Tops
Flip Flips
Lots of hair elastics
Big tote bag for the beach
2 heels for dinner
3 formal dresses
5 semi formal (you want a backup of two)
underwear and those types of things
My own blow dryer! 
My own sunscreen. Two bottles. SPF 30+
2 Books for the beach

*extra batteries
*extra memory card
*phone charger - picture backup (CANT USE *PHONE! turn off at sea, so roaming is not activated.)

No Sneakers
No Towel - they have tons on the boat
No Jeans
No Sweater
No socks
No leggings
No hats

Enjoy your cruise and don't forget to comment if you have suggestions!

Until next time, 
Ines xoxo