Sunday, December 7, 2014

25 Days of BlogMas | Day 6

Hey Guys!

I totally slacked yesterday. I was on the go from the moment I woke up til the moment I went to sleep. Please, don't kill me, but I'm finally getting Day 6 of BlogMas up. Day 7 will be up later tonight. 

I woke up almost as good as new. No cough, no fever, no soar throat and no stuffy nose. And I didn't even have a headache! Woohoo!

I had breakfast (some toast and coffee) and answered lots of school and work related emails. 

2 o'clock rolled around and Brendan picked me up to go to the mall. Can we just talk about how this weekend was the first December weekend of the Christmas season. You could say that the mall was a bit... crowded. 

This will be our third Christmas together. Our first, we wnt the traditional route and surprised eachother with gifts that we really thought about. For me, because I stress about everything in life, buying gifts for someone is SUPER stressful! I compulsively over think and worry that there is a chance the person would hate the gift.

Now, no matter the holiday, we give each other a rough list of what we would like. Not something spur of the moment, but maybe something we've had our eyes on for a courple months and just havnet gotten around to getting it.

It's much easier this way. There's no stressing about not knowing if the person will genuinely like it, and you also don't need to stress about trying to figure out what they want or would like in the first place.

Our first Christmas Dec. 2012

Totally the way to go when buying gifts for anyone.
Find out a few things they're had their eyes on and from there, pick the ones that fall into your budget.

This way, you know they'll love it and it will still be a surprise.

Anyways, we spent a couple hours at the mall, just browsing stores in search of potential Christmas Presents for friends and family members.

We shared a milk shake and just spent quality time catching up with one another.

I've been a lame, tired and a depressing slug all week, so I'm happy I finally have enough energy (physically and mentally) to enjoy his company. 

After the mall, we went back to Brendan's and caught ourselves up on The Walking Dead. We still have one more episode to go, but we will save that for some night during the week.

For the first time in two weeks, I didn't lay down and automatically fall asleep.

We ordered Chinese takeout and finalized out vacation in January. We are going on a Caribbean Cruise (Brendan's graduation gift to me) so we had to pick out the shore excursions we wanted to do.

The one I'm most excited about is the snorkel/scuba mix!

Eventually I fell asleep as Brendan rubbed my back. It was exactly what I needed. About an hour later, I really wanted a snack, so Brendan ran out to the store with exactly what I needed. 

Brendan's seen how tired, stressed and totally drained I've been for the past two weeks. He's been wonderful. Not once has he been frustrated or expressed being annoyed. He understands that I'm overworked with my 15 hours days. 

I hear too many horror stories from girlfriends' about how the guys in their lives complain and just don't understand.

I'm one lucky girl to have a guy that most people spend their whole life searching for.

Well, when he got back from the store, I was in the mood to watch Hercules.

And I got Brendan in the bandwagon. 

And so that's how our nigh ended.

We watched Hercules while eating out snacks.

Eventually he drove me home and I went right to sleep. 

Sunday I'm going to need to clean my room and upload a lot of assignments to my online portfolio. Thankfully, I only have one week left of my undergraduate college career!

Thanks for reading :-)

Until next time,