Saturday, December 20, 2014

25 Days of BlogMas | Day 16

Tuesday: December 16, 2014

Hi everyone!

Did you sleep well? I know I could have slept til noon today if I didn't have to go into my classroom. 

The sign for Talia is still up and I think we are going to leave it there up until Xmas break. 

Nothing exciting happened today other than the fact that if we keep having indoor recess, I'm going to explode! And it's not the children's or school's fault. It's no ones fault. We have indoor recess when the temp outside is below 20F or if it's raining/snowing. 

It's been so weird out that we have had a few days in a row, even last week, that were indoor recess. It's good for them to run around so hopefully Mother Nature will quit it and give us a nice day. 

When I got to work later today around 3, my coworkers were frantic getting everything ready for Thursday. Our boss had run the the super market to buy snacks so we were inventorying everything, making sure we had serving spoons and enough dishes and cleaning. 

Hopefully, parents will actually show up and bring a dish to the potluck. We never know how it's going to go. 

The first thing I did when I got home was go downstairs and get the Christmas boxes from the basement. I also got all the "good stuff" from the giant heavy chest in the dinning room. 

My goal was to figure out which Christmas lights actually work. 

Of course while I'm doing all of this, Willie has politely created himself a cozy corner on the skirt of the tree and watches me through the entire process. 

Well, eventually I figured everything out and sorted through the ornaments. We have so many that they all simply can't go on the tree. We would need 4 trees. So every year I pick and choose the best and most special. 

My goal for tomorrow is to string the lights on the tree after I come home from work. 

I have a training bright and early so we will see how I feel when I get home ...

Until next time,