Monday, December 15, 2014

25 Days of BlogMas | Day 14

Sunday: December 14, 2014

Hello world,

Today ended up being a day full of finishing up homework assignments.

I slept in, thankfully, but as soon as I woke up I grabbed the computer and started typing. I had to finish 4 papers and email them all to my professors. I knew that it was going to be dificult (I always do this to myself. Stress out at the last minute) but I had to get them done.

Thankfully I had Willie to keep me company.

Although my last class was Tuesday, my homework days were not over yet. I spent the rest of the week slaving over that portfolio (thank goodness I passed it in already). Not the only thing that separated me from freedom and the emester was finishing these 4 papers.

One of the papers had to be 4 pages long. It was a reflection about two lectures that I had to attend during the semester. I got that one done no problem

I procrastinated by snacking and watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas on abcFamily

I started on my second paperwhich was only two pages and also a self reflection. I had to talk about the workshop I did infront of my class. I had to reflect on what I thought went well an what I could do next time to imporve it.

Once again, after that was done I watched more of the movie and snacked.

...Then I kissed my cat :-)

The third paper was also only 2 pages long and another reflection. At this point I was so over writing reflections that I just sat in my room on my phone and watched YouTube videos for what seemed like possibly 2 or 3 hours.

I ate left over Chinese food and went back to watching YouTube Videos.

6 o'clock rolled around and I decided I should write that third paper. I was able to do it in about an hour because I had to stop every other sentence to watch TV.

As soon as that was done, I emailed all three of them to my professor.

Only 1 more paper left... I procrastinated
...and procrastinated
...and procrastinated some more.

Then it was 10 oclock at night...
So I made myself a cup of coffee and finished my Sweet Cajan Trail Mix.

It was 10 oclock and I had to email this paper by midnight.
The only problem was that it was suppose to be around 10 pages long and have research included.


So for two hours straight I typed away at my computer. I sat in my living room in absolute silence and tried to get as much done as possible. I didn't even put the TV on.

Eventually, I finished around 12:30 am. I proofread through it, saved it one last time and opened up my emails.

This was the moment where my semester would officially end.
As soon as I attached the email, I had to take a picture to document the end of my journey.
I was about to email my final undergraduate paper.  Nothing felt better than hitting send and seeing the 'message sent' notification.

I'm done..
omg I'M DONE!

I'M DONE!!!!! I did it. I'm officially done with my last undergraduate college semester. Soon I'll be recieving my diploma and degree in the mail. I've never been prouder of myself.

Through stress, tears, procrastination, so many snacks, laziness, frustration and exhaustion, I powered through it and I'm so proud of myself.

What's next, you ask?

I've gotten a few emails from the career resources at my school about teaching abroad opportunities. Right now on the list is Greece and Belgium. I think I might apply just to see. I would absolutely love the chance to teach abroad but I'm not going to get my hopes up just yet; there could be more qualified candidates out there. Only if I get hired will I then think about actually going.

I've already talked to Brendan about it, and although he seems sad, he told me that if it's what I want to do then I should go for it. He will miss it but if I'll be happy, so will he. I love him.

Well guys it's 1:46 am and I've finally caught myself up on blogging. Hopefully from here until Christmas I'll be able to post daily at the end of the night, We will see,I guess.

Until next time,
(Soon to be B.A. in Early Childhood and Mathematics)