Thursday, December 25, 2014

25 Days of BlogMas | Day 24

Wednesday: December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve!

Want to guess how I started my day? 

... Going to the local mall with my mom! 

My mom has an extremely sensitive stomache, IBS, and krones so petty much all December, when she gets home from work she can't do anything. I've been doing most if the Christmas shopping for her. 

Today she was finally feeling better so she decided that we should go out together and finish our Christmas shopping. 

We went out for about an hour and I have to say we were extremely successful. There weren't too many people out surprisingly so that was even better!

After we came home, I finished wrapping everything! 

Then went into the kitchen to make my moms mousse. I made the chocolate mousse totally from scratch and as soon as I put it in the fridge, I ran upstairs and showered. 

I was having Christmas Eve for the third year in a row at Brendan's house with his mom and dad so I needed to get myself ready. 

His family opens presents and has their big dinner on Christmas Eve while my family opens presents and cooks a big dinner on Christmas. I love this because it doesn't make us have to divide our time on the same day. 

I went over at 6 pm and his parents had appetizers waiting on the table. I brought over all my presents for Brendan and his mom and dad, which we would eventually open after dinner. We also sipped on a Portuguese cocktail drik which I had brought them this past summer from my vacation in Portugal. 

We watched Christmas Vacation and at 8 o'clock had dinner; fillet mignon and mashed potatoes with corn and asparagus! So delicious!

After dinner, that's when the present opening began!

His parents got me the Harry Potter Books box set, something I've always wanted but haven't been able to afford. They also bought some shore excursions for us to do on our cruise in January. 

Some of the things Brendan got me in life a Canon EOS T5, a Coach Watch and the new Louboutin nailpolish. Smaller items like giftcard sand a coffee mug were in my stocking and he also bought me a massage at a really nice spa!

After opening gifts, we enjoyed the chocolate mousse and each other company. 

This Christmas I was more than spoiled! 

It wasn't about all the lovely gifts I got. Instead it was about the thoughtfulness behind each of those gifts. 

I know that Brendan and his family love me; I can feel it. 

I just hope that they know just how much I love them too!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Until next time,