Thursday, December 4, 2014

25 Days of BlogMas | Day 4

Good evening babes :-)

Can I just start by saying, I'm feeling SO much better! I finally got a good night worth of sleep (even though I woke up wishing I could sleep in). I actually took the time to look nice today, too!

I think it also really helped that I got to see Brendan last night. Something about him, just sitting next to him, having a face-to-face conversation, sharing silence, whatever it is, it's just so comforting. He melts away all my stress and anxiety.

So, this morning went a lot smoother that the past few days have been going. It was day 4 of my take over week and I'm pretty sure my classroom teacher will just stay out until next Monday. She has pneumonia and we all want her to take as much time as she needs to get better! and I personally don't mind that she's out anyways because coincidentally, I'm in charge of the room this week.

I enjoyed sipping on tea all morning and afternoon and I can tell that by just doing that, my body is recovering so much faster than it normally would.

My students finished up assignments they had been working on all week, so there wasn't a lot of 'teaching new content' going on today. Math also went really really well!

Like usual, I briefly stopped at home, come to find one of my Devon Rex cats, Willie, in a snuggly mood. Talk about not wanting to leave the house!

But sadly I had to rush off to work. The two hours I was there flew by and I enjoyed goofing off with the kids and my co-workers. 

Something I was NOT looking for was going to the super market at 6pm, when everyone else was getting out of work. But, I had to. I needed some essentials...

Well, I got other essentials, but ice cream definitely takes first place, duh!

Once I returned home and put everything away (something I hate just as much as grocery shopping) I sat back on my couch, only to be once again greeted by my snuggly friend Willie.

We cuddled for a bit, until he got up and left, and that maked the time in which I drove to Brendan's to order and share takeout :-) I could see him everyday and still not get enough of him. 

I love ending my nights with him and I'm always so sad when I have to drive back home. 

Looking back on my day, I'm realizing that tomorrow is already December 5th. 


Where the heck has the past week gone? I can remember back to the end of October, right before Halloween, thinking UGH I don't want to go through my take over week. I just want to get it over with! And now I'm here, sitting with a tea, planning for my last day tomorrow. And Christmas is right around the corner. 

Hopefully this weekend I can get some shopping done and I can clue you guys in on what I'm buying and for who. I can only imagine how sick you are of my day to day unchanged routine this past week. 

I also just recieved an email from Venn, a fellow blogger, with a guest blog post! That will go up by the end of this weekend. 


I also just received the Seche Vite UV Top Coat in the mail, so I'm planning on doing a first impressions on the product. Hopefully that will be out by the end of next weekend. 

Any suggestions as to what you want to see next? Let me know!

Until next time,