Friday, December 12, 2014

25 Days of BlogMas | Day 11

Hello World!! 

I woke up this morning trying to put finishing touches on my portfolio. There were some things I forgot to add the night before. 

Right before leaving my house to go student teach, I got a call from the classroom aid. The heater in the school broke so the building was freezing! They were plannig on sending all the kids home and she told me not to bother coming in. 

Yes! Day off for me!!

I was so excited!

So I went downstairs, made a huge thermos of coffee and worked on homework in my room until 2 pm. 

Sadly, I had to get ready for work. 

The after school kid were a little out of control so I was over being there the moment they walked in. I wasn't in the mood to yell or argue with any of the older kids. 

After work, I got drinks with my co-worker and a girl that use to be our co worker. 

I enjoyed a Watchusett Blueberry while we caught up with eachother. 

When I do work the afterschool program, usually I wait with my coworker until his ride arrives to pick him up. He's Reyelt one of my closets friends and we always talk about his girl problems. I try to offer my advise but does anyone actually ever listen to their friends? Lol

So a majority of the night was spent filling in our ex-coworker on his shenanigans and all the crazy things the kids in after school say or do that she's missed since she left. 

Mid-way through dinner we did Wu Wu shots and eventually ordered a round of margaritas and then a pitcher of beer. 

I love hanging out with them because there aren't any type of walls up. You can say whatever you want and there's no judgement. I love all my friends equally but it's interesting (at least to me) that I can't let my guard down as much with my other two groups of friends. 

I dropped him and her off and I headed home. Brendan got out of hockey around the same time so I actually ended up driving to his house instead of mine. 

I had to steal a kiss :-) 

Exhausted from all the eating, drinking and talking, I fell instantly asleep as soon as my body hit my bed. 

It's amazing how even though I didn't have to teach in the morning, I was still dead tired by the end of the night. 

Hopefully I have more energy tomorrow. 

Until next time,