Monday, December 15, 2014

25 Days of BlogMas | Day 13

Saturday: December 14, 2014

Happy weekend,

Sleeping in was the best feeling ever this morning. 

I layed in bed until 11:30 am. 

When I finally felt like getting out of bed, I went down stair to my kitchen and found these two still asleep....

I contemplated starting some of the papers that I had to submit by tomorrow night, but in reality I knew that I wouldn't do them until Sunday (probanbly last minute).

Instead, I started looking through my photo album of Alaska. 

I still have to print out all the pictures I took, but all the schedules, maps, and souvenier I kept are indie nicely organized pockets in the album. That's when I found the professional pictures me and Brendan took.

One of the things we love doing best on cruise ships is taking advantage of the professional photographers. You don't have to buy any of the pictures, but photographers are stationed all over the ship throughout each day. 

We were able to get a couple of the pictures free and discounted because of Brendan and his parent's frequent cruiser perks. So I scanned in the 8X12s (yes they only come in that size) and uploaded them to facebook...

This is my personal favorite.

Originally we had seen the giant moon and thought it was the tackiest thing in the world... so we had to take a picture!

What was even better when it was our turn was the fact that the photographer made us jump.

Brendan looks like he is floating and in the actual 8X12 i have lipstick on my front tooth.
Not only is the backdrop and the pose tacky but it's totally outdated. It made our night.

After spending an hour doing that, I lounged around the house for the rest of the afternoon. At 5 oclock Brendan picked me up to go to the mall. I was able to buy him a Christmas gift that he picked out and he was able to buy his mom a little something too.

Next up for us was Mocking Jay! We had purchased tickets the night before because the theater we were going to sells out quickly.

If you live in our area, then you already know that over buy the brand new train stop Assemply Row is the new AMC movie theater. We've heard nothing but amazing things about it. Every single seat is fluffy and leather and there's a giant arm rest in between every single seat. Even if a stranger sits next to you, the arm rest is big enough where it doesn't matter.

But the thing that everyone is talking about is the side seating. Imagin balcony seating on each side of the theater. Usually the side rowsn have 3-4 seats, but these only have two. you get your own private little section and the seats recline fully. ITS AWESOME!

They cost the same price as the other seats, but they're way better!

And so we watched Mocking Jay.

I had been in the mood a few weeks ago to watch the first two movies and so I asked Brendan if he was interested. I would never be 'that girlfriend' and force him to watch something just because I wanted to. But he was all into it and ended up loving them.
He was actually pestering me this week because he wanted to see Mocking Jay so bad.
I thought it was awesome! I've never read the books, so I have nothing to compare it to. I don't know if they changed or left out detail. But I thought it was full af amazing scenes. I don't understand why everyone was so disappointed.
It wasn't like Deathly Hallows Part 1 which was the most boring thing to watch (and I LOVE Harry Potter) Sometimes Part 1 of movies are a little lame, lack-luster and boring because there is so much background that needs to be set for Part 2 to make sense.
I don't know. What do you think? Have you seen Part 1 of Mocking Jay? 
What did you think?
After the movie, Brendan and I went back to his place and ordered Dominoes Pizza. We ate and passed out and then, just like every other night, he drove me home.
Exactly what I needed!
Until next time,