Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Date Night Makeup 8.6.14

For this look, I used: (List of products will be added shortly)

Face Primer:
Lid Primer:
Eye Shadows:
Eye Liner:
Highlight Stick:
Setting Spray

*Pictures can be found at the end of this blog post. Thanks!

Anyone else find that their make up comes
out the best when they're not trying at all?! 

I literally had the worst lighting, the smallest mirror and the least care for how my makeup was being applied. I was in a hurry and my babe was already on his way over.

And of course, with minimal time and the least care in the world, my makeup came out amazing! I know if I try to recreate my effortless look with time and patience later during the week, it won't come out as good. Womp Womp Womp!

Anyways, I created this look in about fifteen minutes. That's not bad, right, considering I applied a primer, foundation, contoured and created a subtle smokey eye?

I applied my makeup in the order that I listed the products above. I used costal scents, sigma, mac, and real technique brushes for the entire look.

Regardless of how my makeup comes out, what my hair looks like or what I am wearing, my honey always finds the sweetest words to compliment me. He truly is the most wonderful person I've ever come to know and love.

Our date-night was exactly what I needed after being away from him for three weeks. Everything was perfect, and the night was wonderful!

If you want a tutorial on this look,
leave it in the comments below!

Does your makeup come out the best when you're in a rush, too?
Tell me all about it! 

Until next time, 
Ines xoxo




Dressy: FULL FACE, PURPLE LIP, Chunky necklace