Sunday, August 24, 2014

Amazing Article! ... Mark Bustos

Every morning I wake up and check through my social media. 

This morning, I came across an article while laying in bed scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. 

The title read: Hair stylist spends his Sundays cutting hair for the homeless.

The first sentence reads "Mark Bustos spends his only day off offering haircuts for the homeless in New York.  Mark says, 'Every human life is worth the same.' These pics are amazing." (Click here to read full article)

I couldn't help but click on it. 

The article was filled with Instagram pictures taken directly from Mark Bustos's Instagram feed. 

As I kept scrolling I became more curious so I decided to search 'markbustos' on Instagram. 

He was the first one on a long list of Mark Bustos.

...It wasn't long after scrolling down his feed 
that I quickly scrolled back up to follow him

When I find people like this on instagram, I'm instantly drawn to who they are and how they came to be that way.

In between all the fashion photos and makeup hauls and cat videos, it's people like Mark Bustos who bring life to my feed and spark my desire to give back to the community.

They're the ones really changing the world….

Just a little something to think about. 
If you have a spare second, check him out on instagram.
Until next time, 
Ines xoxo