Thursday, August 21, 2014

Easy Back To School Makeup Look

When I hear back to school, I think 
new clothes, new makeup, and a new year. 

September marks a new beginning so why not start it off strong!

From the first day of school to the very last this quick and easy look can be achieved in 5 minutes. 

The first two weeks are always the best but slowly the swearpants and tshirt start coming out of storage. 

How do you keep up with the fresh new you while rocking the 'rolled out of bed' look??

This fun and easy makeup will do just the trick! 

With this look, you can roll out of bed, put your sweats on, do your hair and makeup then be out of the door in under 10 minutes! 

All you need is:

3 Eye Shadow Colors
Eye Liner
1 Blush Color
Nude Lip Gloss


1. Eyes:

First, apply a slightly shimmery highlight color to your brow bone. 

Next, pack a light color onto your lid. Make sure you're not going into the crease or too close to the inner corner. 

Finally, apply your darkest color to your crease. Make sure to blend from side to side, all the way from the outer to inner corner.

Now, add eyeliner to your water line and mascara to the top and bottom lashes.



2. Cheeks

Sweet a generous amount of matte blus from the apples if your cheeks, along the cheek bones and back by the ears. 

*Make sure to blend this out. You don't want harsh lines. 



3. Lips

Apply a generous amount of lipgloss onto your lips.

*Don't forget to put it in your back pack for touch ups between classes!


4. Hair 

To go the extra mile, sleep over night with your normal dried hair in a bun. In the. Morning brush it out with your fingers and add a little dry shampoo for texture. 


For days where you are running late, are having a bad hair day, or have practice in the morning, simply pull up your hair into a high pony. 




Have a fabulous first day back to school!
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Until next time,
Ines xoxo