Monday, August 25, 2014

My First Youtube Video

Can you say, CAMERA SHY!

How to apply liquid foundation

So I just recorded, edited, processed and uploaded my first youtube video in under 6 hours.


I don't know what got into me tonight, but out of no where I got the ambition, desire and nerve to do it, so I just sucked it up and did it before that moment passed.

Talking in front of a camera, alone in your room, is one of the most awkward and unnatural things I have ever done.

It definitely helped that I was talking about something I do on a regular basis, like how to apply liquid foundation.

But I absolutely love doing my makeup, and although I am not a professional, I think I'm pretty good at it for self teaching myself a lot of little techniques and tricks.

I also love helping others, that's where my 'teacher side' comes out.

So I figure youtube will provide me with an outlet to combine and express both those areas of my life. 

I'd love to incorporate lifestyle VLOGGING to youtube one day, too.
But I'm not looking that far ahead yet...

I haven't quite gotten the editing down because my background music is louder than I'd like it to be, but I'm very proud of the final product. 

I hope others find it helpful! 

Watch it here 

Until next time, 
Ines xoxo