Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Perfect Relationship

He works. She Works.
They split the bills.

He has friends. She has friends.
They get along great.

His hobby is fishing. Her hobby is dancing.
He leaves her to her hobbies. She leaves him to his hobbies.

At night time, they order in, 
and catch up on their favorite TV shows.

They joke about how stupid people can be.

She gives him a back rub. He makes her lunch.
He gives her a back rub. She makes him lunch.

Their sex life is unbelievable.
They don't want anyone else.

She gets along with his family. He gets along with her family

She wants a Pug. He wants a Mastiff.
They settle for one of each. 

He opens up to her. She opens up to him.
They tell eachother everything.
No secrets.

Amazing sex.
All the time.

He tells her how annoying his friends are.
She tells him how annoying her friends are. 
But seriously, they love their friends.

He's her support. She's his support.

They respect one another.

Together they go fishing.
Together they go dancing.

He can be honest. She can be honest.
No judging.

He can't stand that she is always late.
She can't stand that he's always early.
They love eachother for it.

He knows her coffee order.
She knows 

He has a bad day. She has a bad day.
They never take it out on eachother.

He hates cooking.
She hates cleaning.
Nothing a little compromising can't fix.
It's never worth a fight.

The most important thing is that,
He loves her. She loves him.

They are perfect for each other.