Thursday, May 29, 2014

5 ways to look good for your man while rocking your pjs:

Everyone, myself included, has days where all they want to do after work is change into their pajamas immediately after getting home and just lounge around. After going to class all morning then running to work until 6pm M-F, I usually pig out infront of the TV and relax for the rest of the night. The best is when me and Brendan do that together. 

I always want to look good for my man, but that doesn't mean a full face of makeup, my louboutins, and so much perfume you can hardly breath should be required every time I see him. There are other ways you can look good for your man while still being able to hang out together in pjs. 

Here are 5 things you can do to look good for your man while rocking your pajamas: 

1) Manicures are like accessories that last up to two weeks. They take any outfit, no matter how drab or fab, and make you look 100x more put together. Even if your guy doesn't notice your manicure, it can make any woman feel more confidence in themselves and how they look while lounging in those pjs. 

This week's manicure: 

2) Men notice when you change your perfume, whether he tells you or keeps it to himself. Each time I switch things up from my COACH original scent to any other scent, he's pointed it out. It usually follows with "I love it!" 

If you plan on lounging in your pjs all night next to your man, go ahead and spritz one of your favorite scents behind your ears or onto your wrists. He will be pleasantly surprised and you will be too at how much he noticed it!

My go-to scent: 

3) Ever have one of those days where you wake up, throw something on and rush out the door? Do you feel 'off' all day and get home feeling run down, tired and kind of gross? Every once in a whole I have those days and feel like the most unattractive woman in the world!

How do I fix this you ask and feel sexy for my man? I jump into the shower quickly and as soon as I get out, I indulge my face in a Lush Cosmetics facial exfoliate. The smell puts you in a good mood, the exfoliating beads wake you up and soften your face, and your skin looks healthy and bright. 

Even thought I know Brendan loves me for who I am no matter what I look like, sometimes I lack self confidence. After washing and exfoliating my face, I look in the mirror and all my confidence comes rushing back. 

My favorite exfoliate: 

4) A few times a month I have the absolute worst hair days. I've either curled my hair and slept on it so now it's a birds nest of tangles, or I've used dry shampoo too many days in a row. 

I look in the mirror and I'm a hot mess, but my long hair doesn't exactly give me a great looking messy bun. 

My solution? A super high pony tail and my favorite head band!!

Why does this work? Usually, once I get my hair into the pony tail I can smooth out the fly always and conceal the tangles and grease. HAHA! Plus headbands don't get in the way of lounging around and make me feel like I'm dressed up, even in my pjs. 

My favorite headbands usually come from Forever 21 and always have a thin band and a bow, like this one:

5) Number five is my favorite and I personally think it's the best way to look good and impress your man. 

Tell him that you love him and that you love sharing your lazy nights with him. 

Not only will this put a smile an your face but you will also instantaneously put a smile on his. 

To hear myself say I love you to Brendan and to hear him say it back melts my heart every single time. I could be having the worst day, I could feel like the biggest hot mess on the entire planet but as soon as we exchange those three little words, I feel so connected and loved, and I know you will too!

My favorite tv watching, pajama filled, lazy-night pictures of us: 

What do you do to look good for your man while rocking the pjs? Leave it in the comments down below!! :-)

Until next time, 
Ines xoxo